Put pump and tube -20 cm deep in liquid. Shake tube vigorously up/down until liquid rises in the tube, without lifting it out of liquid.

Continue pumping until liquid in tube passes balance level in diagram.

Now stop pumping-action. Liquid will flow automaticly!

How to take shallow liquid out..











  • Size 10 - 1/2" inch - 10 liters in one minute

    - Tube size inner diameter 1/2" inch.

    Size 30 - 3/4" inch - 30 liters in one minute

    - Tube size inner diameter 3/4" inch.

  •    The more you shake the pump in the liquid, the more liquid will come into the tube.

  •    The length of the tube can vary, to the length of tube your require.

  •    Keep your tube unrolled at all times. When you keep the tube straight it will go down to the bottom of your jerry can or any other container, so this way the pump will even suck the last drop of liquid out.

  • How to take shallow liquid out from containers..

         To remove shallow liquid from small or large flat containers, (trays, troughs, plastic covers, etc), shake the pump horizontally until liquid fills tube up, keep pumping now until liquid passes water level. The liquid will start to flow automaticly now!
    [Look at the Diagram]

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